论文题目 发表年度
Room temperature readily self-healing polymer via rationally designing molecular chain and crosslinking bond for flexible electrical sensor 2020
The roles of ZnFe2O4 and a-Fe2O3 in the biphasic catalyst for the oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butene 2020
The effects of ultrasonication on the microstructure, gelling and tribological properties of 12-HSA soft-nanocomposite with LaF3 nanoparticles 2020
Novel and cutting-edge applications for a solvent-responsive superoleophobic–superhydrophilic surface: Water-infused omniphobic surface and separating organic liquid mixtures 2020
基于三维多孔活性炭构筑安全、高性能以及长循环寿命的锌离子混合 电容器 2020
Tuning surface electronegativity of BiVO4 photoanodes toward high-performance water splitting 2020
Magnetic nano-hybrids adsorbents formulated from acidic leachates of clay minerals 2020
A sustainable approach to fabricate new 1D and 2D nanomaterials from natural abundant palygorskite clay for antibacterial and adsorption 2020
Cavitation erosion mechanisms in Co-based coatings exposed to seawater 2020
MoS2-Au/Au multilayer lubrication film with better resistance to space environment 2020
Effect of cation nature on vacuum tribo-degradation and lubrication performances of two tetrafluoroborate ionic liquids 2020
新形势下科研院所纪检审计机构设置与履行职责研究 2020
The interaction of two anticorrosive ionic liquid additives on the friction properties of water lubricants 2020
Synergy between two protic ionic liquids for improving the antiwear property of glycerol aqueous solution 2020
Bioinspired synthetic wet adhesives: from permanent bonding to reversible regulation 2020
Towards superior lubricity and anticorrosion performances of proton-type ionic liquids additives for water-based lubricating fluids 2020
Fabrication of PTFE/Nomex fabric/phenolic composites using 2020
Advances and prospects on acid phosphatase biosensor 2020
Ordered structures of alkylated carbon dots and their applications in nonlinear optics 2020
Photoluminescent, Ferromagnetic, and Hydrophobic Sponges for Oil?Water Separation 2020